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What day is being referred to in 2 Nephi 14:1? What is the purpose or reason on the “seven women shall take hold of one man.”






When we have any question about the meaning of a verse of scripture, it is important to have proper context.

In the chapters preceding chapter 14, we see that these chapters are Nephi’s quotation of Isaiah.  These were Isaiah’s words.  If you look at the chapter headings in 2 Nephi, you will see what chapters are being quoted and compare them for the minor differences that occurred between the time that Isaiah wrote them to the time that the brass plates were made or when the Old Testament was translated into English.

We also find that in Isaiah 3 (compare 2 Nephi 13) that this is a time when the Lord will curse the land.  And I believe that this verse more appropriately should have been placed as the last verse of Isaiah 3.

Many people will die and any system of government will be anarchic or tyrannical.  You know, dogs and cats living together — MASS HYSTERIA!!!

Isaiah 3:25 states:

Thy men shall fall by the sword, and thy mighty in the war.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at Isa 4:1 in The New Living Translation of the Bible:

In that day so few men will be left that seven women will fight for each man, saying, “Let us all marry you! We will provide our own food and clothing. Only let us take your name so we won’t be mocked as old maids.”

I know that it may not seem to make sense in the modern age of feminism that a woman should need a man at all.  But widespread feminism can only exist in an ordered society.  In times of anarchy, the survival of the fittest rules.  And physically speaking, very few women will be able to take care of themselves in such a circumstance.  And to be honest, many men will fall by the sword for the same reason.  So, I would guess that only very strong men would survive in such an environment.

But there’s hope.  Because immediately after this verse, the Lord gives us hope.  Zion shall be a light in the darkness.

2 In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious; the fruit of the earth excellent and comely to them that are escaped of Israel.


3 And it shall come to pass, they that are left in Zion and remain in Jerusalem shall be called holy, every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem.  (Isaiah 4:2-3)

Prophecies of the last days tell us that during those times, the only place that people will be able to find peace is in Zion.  Stay close to the Stakes of Zion.  Keep your tent facing the temple.

Thanks for your question.






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