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Dear Gramps,

I have been looking for a useful and practical scripture marking system for my scriptures. My wife gave me a new Large Print set for our 13th anniversary and I want to be able to mark them in such a way that will be useful and make sense. My “old” set are so marked up it is difficult to read. Any suggestions for “Frustrated In Tennessee”?





Dear Frustrated,

I would hesitate to recommend any one scripture marking system over another, because they depend so much on particular interests, both with respect to marking techniques and what to mark.

I try to underline passages of interest and highlight the key words therein. I also like to put in the margin reference to related scriptures if they are not listed in the footnotes. If they are listed there, then I highlight them. But what would be of interest to one person or at one time may not be of interest to another or at another time.

But perhaps the question is, what to mark. Again, that should concur with your particular interest. Would you like to know all the names that are given to the Savior? Would you like to highlight all the descriptions about the Savior given by himself? Would you like to detail every reference to the priesthood, or to such gospel principles as faith and baptism, or things for which we should be on guard, such as pride?

When marking for different subjects you might consider identifying each subject by a different color marker, or by a key in the margin such as empty or filled-in circles or squares.

At any rate, if you develop your own system, it will be yours, one that you will be comfortable with and familiar with. But whatever system you use, it will undoubtedly enhance your understanding of and your love for the scriptures.






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