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Dear Gramps,

Why was Adam forgiven but not Eve? And why are women punished for her sin (according to Brigham Young Women are cursed because of her)? Does the Article of Faith ‘We believe a man will be punished for his own sins and not Adam’s transgressions’ only apply to men? Is a woman’s only purpose to have babies and feed them (thus polygamy)? I am seriously struggling with all of this and have petitioned my stake president to no avail. No one has answers for women…which just tells me that religion is just for men! I have so many more questions and just want the truth. please help. Thank you.






I’m sorry this issue has troubled you so deeply, and I hope I can bring some measure of peace into your heart. Let me begin by stating that nowhere in scripture does it say Eve wasn’t forgiven. Both Adam and Eve received curses due to their transgressions. Adam was cursed to labor for his food for the rest of his days. Eve was cursed, not to bring forth children, but to do so in pain and anguish.

You see Jara, actions have consequences. In this instance, the consequences of both.

Adam and Eve were necessary for the Plan of Salvation to progress. If either of them had not done what they had, the plan would have been frustrated forever. The very consequences, or curses as they are called in the bible, were the goal from the start.

Brigham Young was correct in stating that women are cursed because of Eve, but it is wrong to interpret the word curse in this instance to mean a punishment. It is to no greater degree than men are suffering punishment in having to labor for food because of Adam. Eve was cursed to bear children in pain because there is no other way. It is the same for Adam having to grow food to support his family. If he didn’t there would be no food to eat; there is no other way.

You might consider the differences between ‘consequences’ and ‘punishment’, because they are not always the same thing. As I said earlier, actions have consequences. For instance if I have a glass in my hand, and I let go of it, the consequence is that it will hit the ground and shatter. It is no form of punishment at all. It is merely the laws of the universe in action. On the other hand, if I strive all my life to never lie, to always be up front and honest with everyone, the consequence is that I will be regarded by others to be an honest man.

What Adam and Eve were cursed with due to their transgressions were not punishments, but natural consequences of their actions. Further, without the consequences coming into play as they did, as I said earlier, the Plan of Salvation would have failed practically at the start.

The articles of faith apply to all individuals who are members of the church. The specific article you referred to, we believe to apply to all of mankind.

I can assure you that women have, and will always fulfill countless important and vital roles in this world that have nothing to do with having and raising children. Though to be sure, in the Lord’s eyes, it is crucial that both men and women labor together in righteousness to raise families. Also to carry out the Plan of Salvation to achieve Heavenly Father’s ultimate goal “…the immortality and eternal life of man.” Women are most definitely included in this.






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