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Dear Gramps,

I was wondering, what is the church’s stand on hypnosis? Or do they have one? Is it okay to use to overcome bad habits? Would you be making yourself vulnerable to someone else’s suggestion, thus your free agency? I’m just not clear on this. Would it depend on the idividual, the situation, and a prayerful decision? Any enlightenment on this would be appreciated. Thanks,





Dear LN,

Hypnosis is often used in the entertainment world, frequently to invoke embarrassing situations that are supposed to be perceived as humorous. I would recommend staying completely away from all such demonstrations.

However, in the hands of trained and responsible professionals hypnotism can be a valuable tool in restoring memory, influencing the involuntary response system, and in treating certain ailments. In a letter addressed to Dr. Leslie Cooper on 7 October 1974, Church Commissioner of Health, Dr. James O. Mason, noted that the First Presidency had cleared the following statement on hypnosis:

“The Church regards the use of hypnosis under competent, professional supervision for the treatment of disease as wholly a medical question. The Church advises members against participation in hypnosis demonstrations.”




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