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Hi Gramps,

I know Mormons are normal people, but I was wondering about any activities, things they like, participate in, or glorify that could pertain to the Mormon religion.  Thank you.





Dear Alex,

I am happy that you consider Mormons normal people, as we have been accused of being anything but. The activities that Mormons enjoy would depend on the individual as would be the case with most people.  Some enjoy athletic type activities, whereas others enjoy the arts.  Normally we try to center our activities around our families.  Monday evenings are reserved for family night.  Families will have lessons, where the Gospel is taught, or they might play games or engage in some type of activity where the entire family can participate.  Active Mormons refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, so we do not participate in activities where alcohol is involved.  We have found that we don’t need to drink in order to have fun.

Active Mormons spend more time in religious activities compared with most religions.  In addition to Sunday meetings, we have activities sponsored by the Church during the week.  Young men are encouraged to be involved in the Scouting program and young women participate in various activities as well.

We are also very involved in researching our family history and genealogy.  We believe it to be very important to know about our ancestors.  One of our beliefs is that we can perform baptisms and other ordinances for our kindred dead.  This is done in our Temples by those who are worthy to serve there.

These are just a few of the activities that we are involved in.  I would encourage you to visit with our missionaries and they will be able to cover this in more detail and answer any other questions you may have.  They are usually listed in the telephone directory or you could contact any of your acquaintances who might be a member of the Mormon Church.





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