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When a member has their named removed from church records (not excommunication), what steps do they need to take to be baptized and have temple blessings restored?





Hi Jonnie,

When a member has requested his/her name removed from the records of the Church there are certain procedures an individual must follow.

The first step would be to speak with either your bishop or the stake president and request that they send for this document from the Office of the First Presidency, “”Report of Administrative Action” form.

When this document/form has been received an interview will need to be scheduled with the bishop and the individual requesting to be re-baptized and confirmed. This interview will be a thorough interview. The interview will discuss reasons their name was requested for removal and if there are any transgressions that were committed before and after name removal. If the bishop recognizes that transgressions were made before and after their name was removed then the bishop has authority not to approve a request for readmission until he feels these issues have sincerely been repented of. Certain transgressions however, if committed, will need to receive approval from the First Presidency, before proceeding any further.

When the interview, repentance process (if any transgressions), has been completed and the bishop is satisfied that the individual is sincere then the bishop will prepare a Baptism and Confirmation Record, which notes the baptism is for readmission.

If the individual was previously endowed, they receive what is known as “the ordinance of restoration of blessings.” This restores their previously received endowment, priesthood, and blessings. This must be approved by the First Presidency.







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