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I realize that the Book of Mormon says that now is the time for the preaching of the gospel to the gentiles.  My question is: when did the Jews stop being the “Covenant People?”






God, in His dealings with His children on earth, has always worked with a system of “first fruits.” The first fruits of every living thing belong to Him and are offered in His service. Thus, with animal sacrifice, it was the “firstlings of the flock.” With grain, it was the “firstlings of the field.” With His covenant people, it’s the firstborn. Sometimes, God chooses someone other than the firstborn, either because the real firstborn son has become unworthy or because a covenant has been made that exalts someone else in the lineage. This was the case in the family of Jacob, who was renamed Israel. His firstborn son was Reuben, but Reuben disqualified Himself by participating in sinful behavior. The birthright was given to Joseph, the first son of Jacob’s second wife, Rachel.

In the economy of God and through covenant with Jacob, Israel (all 12 tribes) is considered the firstborn of humanity and therefore is God’s servant. The covenant firstborn is a servant to God and that’s what “chosenness” means. It doesn’t necessarily mean extra blessings, although those may come when deserved, but extra service.

Although the Tribe of Levi was to act as “firstborn” to serve in the temple, Judah was promised the scepter of rule, and his descendants were the kings of Judea until Israel and Judea were dispersed. God knew the northern ten tribes would be carried away by Assyria and that Judah would be the remaining identifiable tribe into the future, but remember that “the Jews” are not only those who are descended from the tribe of Judah but the descendants of those who lived in Judea, who might be from any of the tribes of Israel.

What you are thinking of is the “day of the Jews” and the “day of the Gentiles.” These are periods when the gospel comes forth to and through different peoples. The gospel came forth through the Jews and then was carried forth by the Gentiles, notably Europeans. God has promised He will remember covenant Israel as the Gentiles reject the true gospel and the Jews are restored to their hereditary lands. He will renew His covenants with them and save them from their enemies.

I hope this helps to answer your question.






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