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Hi Gramps,
I heard that when you die you meet up again with your parents or family members is that true? And also what if they don’t go to heaven and they end up in hell wouldn’t we know they where missing? Not everyone goes to heaven!

Dear Ruth,
When we die and leave these mortal shores, we may all be in for a few surprises. Most people seem to believe that the eternities beyond mortality are composed to two homogeneous places–heaven and hell. Heaven is all sweetness and bliss, where there is nothing to do but to sit around and be happy. Hell, on the other hand, is seen as another homogeneous place wherein the wicked in misery are continuously burning but are never consumed.
The fact of the matter is that the afterlife is a vast, complicated series of locations, activities, feelings and opportunities. The potential of man it to become perfect, like God. Since we are His children we all have the possibility of growing to an eternal adulthood–to grow into the likeness of our heavenly parents. However, not all of God’s offspring will arrive at an eternal maturity. Life on the earth is type. How many fishes grow to maturity, adult enough to produce offspring? How many animals of any species do the same? In order for man to achieve an eternal maturity and become like his Father in Heaven, he must follow exactly all of the requirements for perfection set down by God in the holy scriptures. So, after this life we enter into the spirit world to continue our progress. However, the possibilities for progress that are open to us are critically dependent on how we have taken advantage of the opportunities for eternal growth that are open to us in mortality.
When we go into the spirit world we will find that there is a division between the righteous and the wicked. They to into different holding pens, as it were. So there is every opportunity that we will meet with our loved ones on the other side, as most of our loved ones have likely lived their mortal lives more or less as we will have done. But there will exist in those realms no family relationships as there were in mortality–except for one class of spirits. These are they who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and have lived by all the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ that He set down for our progress. These principles culminate in sacred sealing ordinances in the Lord’s holy temples, where, by the power of the holy priesthood, wives are sealed to their husbands and children to their parents for time and for all eternity. These will achieve exaltation in the celestial kingdom of God, will inherit all that the Father has, and will exist as growing, procreating families throughout all eternity.

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