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Where is it “written” how one goes about tracing his priesthood authority lineage? I understand it is traced through the highest office to which one is ordained. However, I have not found anywhere where this is clarified or “written,” and I have been asked to show “the written word.” Can you help me? Thank you.





Dear C.

We may not have the exact words that you are looking for, but I think we can easily deduce from what is written below, what authority we are supposed to trace-

“One of the most significant things about your priesthood is that by tracing the line of your authority through the one who ordained you back through the various steps, your priesthood authority can be traced back to the Savior himself” (Harold B. Lee, Stand Ye In Holy Places, p.252).

“I believe the time will come when it will be necessary for every man to trace the line in which he has received the Priesthood that he exercises. It is therefore of great importance in our Church that records should be kept and that every man should know whence he derives his authority-from what source, through what channel he has received the Holy Priesthood and by what right he exercises that authority and administers the ordinances thereof. I believe this is of extreme importance and that where there are doubts as to a man’s legitimately exercising that authority, that doubt should be removed” (George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, Vol. 1, p.224).

The second quote, “the Priesthood that he exercises,” implies that we should trace the priesthood that we currently have, not an earlier ordination. If, after tracing our priesthood, we are ordained to a higher office, then that is the one that we should be concerned with.






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