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Where is the Garden of Eden today?  With Cherubim and a flaming sword guarding the way to the tree of life, we should  be able to see it as it was not taken from the earth?





Hello Robert,

Jackson County, Missouri, according to modern revelation, is the known location for the Garden of Eden, the home of our first parents, Adam and Eve.  President Brigham Young once declared,

“Joseph the Prophet, told me that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri.  When Adam was driven out he went to the place we now call Adam-ondi-Ahman, Daviess County, Missouri.  There he built an altar and offered sacrifices” (notes from a meeting, as quoted in Matthias F. Cowley, Wilford Woodruff: History of His Life and Labors [1909], 481).

The second question pertaining to being able to see the tree of life and a Cherubim with a flaming sword doesn’t appear likely:  1) We don’t know which tree, or what type of tree.  2) We don’t know if the Cherubim and flaming sword can only be seen with spiritual eyes (think of the story of Balaam who could not see the angel in his path with a drawn sword until his eyes were opened, (Numbers 22:23-31). 3) The tree of life could have possibly remained in a perfect state, which did not fall with the earth, as did other life.

The location of the Garden of Eden is sure and true, Jackson County, Missouri in Independence.  The second question is pure speculation and your thoughts are as good as mine.







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