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Dear Gramps,

I have been blessed to have good Mormon priesthood leaders all my life. Our ward and stake leaders are wonderful men and are inspired. However, it seems to me that at times many other very good men are overlooked for opportunities for serving on the High Councils, etc. Quite often it’s the same group of men who are recycled over and over again serving for 2-3 terms, with intermittent service in a bishopric. Perhaps others could receive the opportunity and growth that comes from service of this kind. I know and understand the concept that “it’s not where you serve, but how you serve, that counts.” These are men that are solid and staunch and have been active all their lives and have given faithful service. What are your advice and thoughts on this?

Also, in my case, I am a musician and have held every music calling there–several times over, it seems. I don’t begrudge my talent nor the service I can give, but I think I have other talents and would like to serve in other church capacities at times. If I move, I am seriously considering not mentioning my musical background so that I can have other opportunities of service. At times I get the impression that some church leaders kind of put a smirk on their face and prejudge some of us musicians as being a bit odd, incapable of serving in a leadership capacity. I always support my leaders and never speak ill of them, but I can’t help but have these kinds of feelings at times. Am I wrong in my feelings? If so, I’ll quickly repent!





Dear Confused,

It’s very difficult to judge the reasons for calling particular individuals to positions in the Mormon Church. Much of what must be considered in approving individuals for callings is, of course, confidential. Anyone called to a church position has both an opportunity and a responsibility. The opportunity is to grow and develop in the gospel through the sacrifice of sacred service. The responsibility is to discharge the obligations of the office for the blessing and benefit of those whom one has the privilege to serve. Both the opportunity and responsibility, as well as worthiness and willingness, must be considered in making a call. Then, after considering all the conditions involved, the person with priesthood keys would normally take the matter to the Lord and act under His inspiration and guidance in making the call. So perhaps it’s best to accept such things over which we have no control and leave the results in the hands of the Lord.

If you have been repeatedly called to positions involving your musical talent and feel that other types of callings would be of interest and of value to you, there is nothing wrong with making your feelings known to your bishop. The matter would then rest in his hands. I would suggest that one should do this without anticipation or expectation of immediate action. But at least you would know that the bishop was aware of your interests and willingness to serve.





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