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In the past I have noticed some reluctance to having single 18 yr. old females receive their own endowments. Is there any reason why they shouldn’t? Thank you for any enlightenment.





Hello Bob,

I recognize that within our Church some members, especially non-members feel that our women are treated less than fair. Your question specifically asks only about single females but does not address single males. Here is a statement that was issued by our Church leaders:

First Presidency letter from September 7, 2007:

The privilege of receiving one’s temple endowment is a serious matter that should be extended nly to those who are sufficiently prepared and mature enough to keep the covenants entered into.


We continue to be concerned that an increasing number of young adults, 18 years of age and older, are obtaining temple recommends from their priesthood leaders to receive their own endowment without the immediate prospect of temple marriage or a full-time mission.


Single members in their late teens or early twenties who have not received a mission call or who are not engaged to be married in the temple should not be recommended to the temple for their own endowment. They can, however, receive a Limited-Use Recommend to perform baptisms for the dead The desire to witness temple marriages of siblings or friends is not sufficient reason for a young adult to be endowed.


We are grateful for your efforts to prepare individuals to receive the sacred ordinances of the temple at the appropriate time.

It is clear that our Priesthood leaders, are not only concerned with young women, they are also concerned with young men who receive their endowments in their late “teens” without the prospect of a mission, or marriage.

I am more inclined to believe that the majority of 18 year-old, males and females, have not adequately studied the gospel enough to truly understand the purpose of, the eternal significance of, the solemn and sacred responsibility of a temple endowment. However, maybe I am over generalizing and only speaking about my frame of mind when I was 18, and my friends frame of mind when they were 18 who were females.

I am however, grateful that the opportunity for receiving my endowment was not given to me without the prospect of me going on a mission. It was my mission that solidified the sacredness of the temple as I taught investigators about eternal families and covenants we make.







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