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Dear Gramps,

I am a young man who is single. I have been trying to find an eternal companion, but I have yet to be successful. I hear a lot about how if a young woman doesn’t get married because she doesn’t have the chance she will have that opportunity. But what about if a man who has the responsibility to take the initiative, but is trying, is not successful? Are they denied that blessing?





Hi Josh,

Thank you for your question. I commend for your efforts to diligently seek out a righteous partner who you can one day be sealed to and call your eternal companion. You should never give up or compromise on your standards, even if the task ahead appears extremely hard. Trust in the Lord that all things will be made right in his timing. Pray for success and continue to do your part in living worthy of finding the right person.

Please put your mind at ease. Both men and women will have equal opportunity to partake in all the blessings our Father has, if they remain worthy of them. I would suggest taking some time to read the following on the Church’s website under: Marriage for Eternity

In this chapter of the Eternal Marriage Student Manual we read the following under – “Those Who Do Not Marry”:

President Lorenzo Snow

“There is no Latter-day Saint who dies after having lived a faithful life who will lose anything because of having failed to do certain things when opportunities were not furnished him or her. In other words, if a young man or a young woman has no opportunity of getting married, and they live faithful lives up to the time of their death, they will have all the blessings, exaltation, and glory that any man or woman will have who had this opportunity and improved it. That is sure and positive” (Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, 138).

Rest assured Josh that you are not forgotten to our Father in Heaven. He is with you and mindful of your sincere and worthy desires.

Warm Regards,





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