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Moral Answers to everyday Mormon concerns, curiosities and uncertainties

Why does interest fade so quickly towards new members?

Question   Gramps, I have been a member for over a year now. I liked the moments leading to my baptism and a few months after that. I could feel people genuinely interested in my family. I was wondering why does interest fade so quickly ? Why do they not call us...

If I have repented, why do I still feel guilty?

Question   Gramps, If I have done everything I need to do to repent (and the bishop has verified that I’ve done everything I need to) why do I still remember and feel guilty about what i’ve done? Kay   Answer   Dear Kay, Sometimes the...

How big are the consequences if excommunicated?

Question   Dear Gramps I’m so thankful that I have you.   You’re such a help in my life.  I don’t know if I will get a response but I was just wanting to know. How big are the consequences if you are excommunicated from the church?  Thanks....

Shouldn’t church members share their professional talents?

Question   Dear Gramps, Once when my mom was really sick, and our family was short on money, my dad called up a new member of our ward who was a medical doctor, and asked him if he could write her a prescription.  This new brother became angry and told my dad to...

Was Jesus really a carpenter?

Question   Gramps, Jesus is continually referred to as a “carpenter” (woodworker).  However, I find no reference to the Savior actually working with wood.  If anything, Christ was probably a mason, as nearly all of his references and parables seem to...

Why aren’t we set apart as visiting teachers?

Question   Hello there Gramps, I really enjoy your questions and answers.  Thank you for all your shared wisdom.  My question is regarding visiting teaching. I am wondering why we are not set apart and given a blessing for this important church calling?  Thank...
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