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Dear Gramps,

Thank you for the reply to my question about my children being sealed to me as I sojourn on this earth (in my patriarchael blessing) a couple of weeks ago. I apologize for not showing my gratitude earlier. But I am learning on the computer, and I wasn’t that “learned” at that time. I do not expect you to remember my letter as you graciously answer so many…..but I was very comforted by your reply. I have one more question if you have time to share your thoughts with me. the question is a bit unusual but I would like to know what you think. I know you answer questions by the scriptures and the holy spirit. It is wonderful!

I am a convert, and joined the church after I was married. My husband “strayed” and our marital situation was so unrighteous I could not tolerate it. I did not want to take my children from their dad…but I had to. I counsled with my bishop and the marriage was intolerable….i had to get away from the spirit (it was evil. And I felt unsafe) in our home; so the children and I left.

I promised my Heavenly Father if he would help me raise my girls I would be obedient, try to develop my talents and try to grow in the gospel. Well, the adversary had different plans. I got down on my knees and thanked Heavenly Father for the situation I was in because I knew I would be blessed if I could endure. I also told Him that I might be telling a fib because I wasn’t really thankful. I was doing it strictly for obedience, but I believed that one day I really would be grateful for the experience that I had no control over. And I am.

I hope the Lord will be merciful to my children’s dad. He has chosen to live exactly opposite to gospel principles and is puffed up with pride. But it is his choice. I hope he will repent. I have seen the good in him, and I understand the aspect of pride. Satan has a really tight grip on him.

Now, my question:

During this turbelent period in my life I was being buffeted so badly by the adversary that it was harrowing. But I was trying to develop my faith and the Lord was aware of my needs.

A new bishop was called during this time and I’m not sure if he was called to test us…or he was called to test himself. But he called me one morning about 5:00am and said the spirit woke him up in the middle of the night and told him my life was in danger. And he asked me if I was ok. I said I thought so.

He said at first, he thought he was having a really bad dream and tried to go back to sleep. But the spirit would not let him rest. He said he tried to lay down on the couch, but the spirit was so strong, he called me. I asked him what should I do? He said something needed to be done to my house. I did not ask what. I trusted that he would do the right thing as he seemed to be in tune with the spirit of the lord. I was not afraid.

But he never mentioned the call or doing anything to my home again. Nor did I ask.

Well, a few weeks after that I was going down my back steps, and some kind of force swept me off of my feet and I landed on my back on the steps.

Then I was literally thrown over and landed face down on the driveway. My arm was broken in five places.

When I got to the emergency room they thought I had been abused and was afraid to tell them the truth..they said there was no way I could have landed on my back (i should have stayed there) and end up completely turned over on my “front” and do as much damage as was done to me. I said “well, I did.” So they repaired me.

But I was really frightened…because I thought I knew “what” it was. I still think that.

I heard later that this bishop that had called me had been involved in something in someone’s home and he was too frightened to come to my home.

And I was not angry with him…i was either so spiritually mature or immature that I was not worried when he told me my life was in danger.

Since that time he has treated me so coldly that I really feel bad for him. He had been released in a reasonably short time after all of this. I was inactive for awhile because when I did not attend church I was not being buffeted about, and I wasn’t real sure whether my life could be taken. And I needed to be here long enough to raise my girls.

I finally mustered up my faith in my Heavenly Father though and returned to church. And I have been so blessed since all of this. I had breast cancer and did not have one second of concern. I was told by the Spirit that I was being carried by the Savior. Cancer was a wonderful experience for me because of the love of my Father.

My question is this (about time huh?)….”could I really have been swept off of my feet by the power of the adversary?” I had previously wrestled with some kind of force in my living room. I was fighting for my life….with something I could not see or feel. But I knew that it didn’t matter how many times I was knocked down…just how many times I got up.

“And will the Lord be merciful to this particular bishop in spite of this?” I have tried to be so sweet to him…but he is really cool to me.

I won’t tell him ever, but I really am grateful for what I went through. The blessings and growth have far outweighed the pain.

Gramps, I am so sorry I am taking up so much space but I can’t talk to “everyone” about’s private. But I respect your prospective and your knowledge and closeness to the lord.

If you have time, and I promise not to ask any more questions,would you please share your thoughts with me? For a long time I thought that I was attacked because I was so bad…and I wasn’t on the level of worthiness of even attending church. But my Father changed that. I have been annointed to be a goddess and my Father is a god and I love him. Thank you.

Frances, from North Carolina


Dear Frances,

Surely you are acquianted by Joseph Smith’s account of the First Vision wherin he reported,

I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me, and had such an astonishing influence over me as to bind my tongue so that I could not speak. Thick darkness gathered around me, and it seemed to me for a time as if I were doomed to sudden destruction (Joseph Smith Hisotry 1:15).

The Adversary is opposed to all righteousness, and without doubt has great power. I would imagine that his greatest efforts are directed against those who have the greatest potential for good. As the Savior told his disciples

Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always lest ye enter into temptation; for Satan desireth to have you, that he may sift you as wheat (3 Nephi 18:18).

You appear to have a Christ-like attitude, both in understanding the value of adversity and in having a forgiving and non-judgmental heart. Although the influence of the Adversary is fearful, he is not to be feared, if we live in accorandance with the commandments. Satan has no power over the righteous. Although powerful, his power is limited. He can be overcome by the power of faith and prayer.

Isn’t it interesting (and meaningful) that because of these events you were inactive for awhile, and while inactive did not feel any evil forces. But you must always remember that Satan is a lier and a deceiver, and as you pointed out, the difficulties and oppositions that we are called to pass through will have the effect of strenghening us and purging us as we overcome them. The Lord has said,

Therefore, he giveth this promise unto you, with an immutable covenant that they shall be fulfilled; and all things wherewith you have been afflicted shall work together for your good, and to my name’s glory, saith the Lord (D&C 98:3).

It’s significant to note that the Lord says “all things”, not “some things.”


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