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Within the church we are taught that temple marriage and children are blessings that we should all aspire to have. But some of us don’t have those blessings and might never have them in this life. Some people just aren’t blessed with those opportunities and some don’t have them because of their own choices. My question is how can one maintain a desire to be faithful and active in the church when desired blessings are not given or are lost and might not be regained? Watching others live lives filled with blessings that I don’t have makes church activity very very difficult.




pathWhen we remember our purpose for being on this earth and trust that the Lord will keep His word with us, it becomes easier to see the blessings others receive and not feel covetous. Remember that your time on earth is a time of probation and preparation. The Lord has set a path before you, just for you, that will help you draw nearer to Him and refine your weaknesses. Perhaps He seeks to build in you greater humility, greater patience- and perhaps in those others who seem to have all the blessings you lack He seeks to build compassion and charity.

Whatever His purposes for you in your personal journey, you can rest assured that so long as you live up to your end of your covenants, the Lord will assuredly live up to His. You may not understand His timing or His ways, but the blessings He has promised will be yours- whether in this life or in the eternities.


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