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So basically let me get this straight. I had an emotional affair, though did not realize that’s what it was until therapy (as I’m not active and not well indoctrinated) And according to scripture…it’s adultry. So, pretty much I have no hope ever of going to the celestial kingdom. So why try? Why explain over and over to people trying to get me to come back to church that it doesn’t matter. I’m a good person. I do good things. I help others, I love others, I don’t judge others. I seek out God in my own ways and have very close relationship with him. But in reality….there is just no hope? Even upon repentance?




This is part of the reason why we are asked to read our scriptures and to pray for understanding so that we clearly, ourselves, understand true doctrine. True doctrine, understood, is what blesses our lives. True doctrine, misunderstood, or never studied, often results in huge misunderstandings as shown in your response.

The scripture you are referring to explains the importance of not only being physically clean from sin, but being mentally free also. To be carnally minded is death, to be spiritually minded is life eternal. Thus, when we lust for a man/woman we have already committed adultery in our hearts. This is not the same as acting upon our lust and physically committing adultery.

In order to compensate for our weakness, a Savior was provided. The reason why Jesus Christ15you are not lost, is because a Savior was provided and through His atonement you are not lost unto God. Thus, through repentance you are able to still qualify for the Celestial Kingdom.

This is why it isn’t too late, and this is why you should begin to come unto Christ by doing those things He has commanded — like coming to church.

It would be nice if being a good person is good enough to enter us into the Lord’s kingdom, however this is not the case. The Lord requires us to keep His commandments. These commandments are attending our meetings regularly, attending the temple, repenting, and others. As we turn ourselves toward God, we begin to realize how important it is for us to not only be good, but to do the things He has commanded.

As long as we are living and we haven’t committed the unpardonable sin, we always (because of our Savior) have a chance to enter the Celestial Kingdom. Always remember this.


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