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Gramps, I was sealed to my husband and children in 1999. Shortly thereafter, we moved to a rural area with a small church membership. We slipped away from the church due to frustration of driving so far to meetings. I became lonely and depressed and violated my marriage covenant with another man. My sin has been weighing heavily upon me. My husband never found out and it would utterly kill him. I have also been treated for a mental disorder that certainly is no excuse but helped me to understand why I made such a foolish choice. At this point, we have now been gone from Church for seven years and I see the need to go ‘home”. What is the first step to take? Then what follows that? Will I have to confess to my husband and bring up my poor behavior from years past even though I have completely stopped that behavior with therapy and medication? Please help! My children need me, they need the comfort of the Church. I’m just so lost and torn Karla Dear Karla, Your first step would be to go back to church with your family. Get the children involved in church activities where they will make new friends and become involved in exploring the gospel of Jesus Christ. Work with your husband to bring the blessings of the gospel into your home. Take turns being voice in family prayer mornings and evenings. Have an audible blessing on the food at the beginning of each meal. Institute Family Home Evening on a weekly basis in your home. Depending on the age of your children you may want to study together the Book of Mormon. As you become integrated into your Ward, you may want to meet with your bishop and unburden yourself of those things that bother your conscience. Whether or not it would be appropriate to reveal the past to your husband would be a matter that you could discuss with your bishop, who at that time should know your family well. Gramps

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