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Hi there Gramps.

Here’s my question. I am wanting to know if matches are really made in heaven. I met my fiancee through the internet. The only thing that made me draw closer to this person is the simple fact that I seemed to know this person, even though she was a complete stranger. I literally dreamed of her. This girl has been in my dreams ever since I started dreaming. I feel as if I have known this person for, at least, an eternity. We both share the same feelings, it’s as if we were a match made in heaven. Are matches made in heaven? Thanks,





Dear Peter,

Certainly not all matches are made in heaven, but some may well be. Abraham, in the Pearl of Great Price, Abr. 3:22-23, speaks of the noble and great spirits that the Lord would make His rulers. Abraham was declared to be among them. If we fulfill and live by all the covenants we make in the temple we are promised that we will inherit exaltation in the celestial kingdom. Exaltation is available only to those who have been sealed together as companions for eternity in the Lord’s holy house. They would undoubtedly be among those of whom Abraham spoke- thou wast chosen before thou wast born.

Thus, if you and your fiancee plan to be married in the temple, and if you remain true and faithful for the remainder of your lives to the covenants that you make at that time, your match could very well have been an agreement that was sanctioned by the Lord before you entered into mortality.






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