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Hello, my question for you today is, is there such a thing as a blessing of faith?  One given by the laying on of hands but not with priesthood authority.  Just by the faith of the person giving and receiving the blessing.  I ask this as I hold the office of Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. Since I hold this office I can’t give blessings and that is the predicament I am facing.  My mother is having a major surgery on her back in mid July.  I am also the only member of the church in my family. Thanks.





Hello Kade,

Our access to the priesthood is through power (individual worthiness/righteousness) and authority. The authority is a gift bestowed by God in order to act in his name, and there is a proper order of use as with your question pertaining to the laying on of hands. If we are acting by authority of the priesthood, through laying on of hands, then we will want to make sure we hold the authorized office to give such a blessing. The priesthood, and how it is properly used, is a sign to others also, so we want to make sure we are properly using God’s priesthood.

As an Aaronic priesthood holder, if you are a priest, the only time you could lay your hands on another a give a priesthood blessing (as specified in the Church’s Handbook of Instruction) is when you are conferring the office of a deacon, teacher, or a priest to another young man.

Now your question pertaining to “blessing of faith” should be held with caution. A blessing of faith, or a prayer of faith, which can be accomplished by both male and female as this is an exercise of priesthood power, and is different from priesthood authority. Priesthood power is accessed through our personal worthiness and righteousness. The Church used to have a video of a mother crossing the plains and one of their oxen fell sick and tired. She prayed with her hands laid on top of the oxen. This is different from the ordinances of laying on of hands to give priesthood blessings.

A mother can easily apply her hands on her children who are ill, and pray for healing and blessings through priesthood power through their faith. This is what I understand to be a blessing of faith, not an act of any priesthood ordinance like a priesthood blessing that uses consecrated oil, and is accomplished by the laying on of hands.

In your particular situation, I would recommend speaking with your bishop, especially if they are not familiar with your situation and circumstance. Call upon those who can minister a priesthood blessing to your mother, while you keep praying in faith and blessing your mother with your faith.






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