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Dear Gramps,

I am fourteen years old and a freshman in high school. Last year I started handing out a little card at school with something spiritual and/or uplifting on it. For example, “Choose righteousness and happiness no matter what your circumstances” or “Alma 60:36 I seek not for the honor of the world, but for the glory of my God,” etc. I love passing them out and sharing the gospel with some of those at my school, but I feel like I am not helping those who need the help; I pass them out to a lot of people and I can tell that some people really enjoy getting them, but those that I think need them the most, seem to not be effected by the card at all… What can I do to help the card be more effective to those that need it?






Wow! What a wonderful question! I am proud of you for taking on such a neat project and endeavor.  Some of my favorite questions have come from our youth.

My best advice for those that “need” your messages the most… is to simply keep giving the cards to them. Here’s the secret to remember: It’s not about the card. It’s about the person giving them the card. It’s more about you than what’s written. You might also just ask them something like “How’s it going? You seem kinda down. Anything you want to talk about?” Then simply let them choose if they want to talk about what could be on their mind.

Most importantly, you are being their friend. Sometimes, that’s enough to let some people know that they are noticed by someone. Just continue to be genuinely happy, with an empathic smile, and you’ll do just fine.

By the way, “MormonAds” were the first memes before they were cool. You might want to try handing out a few of those sometime. Keep up the great work and be sure to talk about it in your seminary class. Maybe you can get a few of your seminary students to do it with you.






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