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I see no purpose for me being here or anywhere. Everyone tells me that God created me for a reason but I think he had a bad day or something when he made me. I just hate everything about existing.





Instead of addressing the question directly at first, I want to assure you that God has created you for a very specific reason. That reason is that he loves you and wants you to fulfill your potential as his daughter.

None of us understand why we’re here to a full extent. I personally believe we have only the smallest of ideas of what the rest of our lives will be like once we’re done with mortality. I would ask if you’ve had your Patriarchal Blessing yet. If not, I would encourage you to talk with your bishop about preparing to receive it. If you do have your Blessing, pull it out and read it prayerfully, seeking the direction and identity you need.

Finally, in answer to your question directly, no the odds are not good you will be uncreated. According to all the scripture I can find, the only individuals who face such an end are those who become sons/daughters of perdition. They are people who will receive no degree of glory. The conditions required to be in jeapordy of this fate are not often met in this life.

The good news is, wherever you end up in the next life, God will still do all he can to fill your heart and soul with happiness. It’s all he’s ever wanted for each of us, and I doubt that will ever change.




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