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Dear Gramps,

Last Sunday we had a sister in our Sunday School who asked if there is sin committed when the Lord is our midst. Our question is: can sin be committed? if so, how is it dealt with? if not, why not? As always, your brother in the Lord. shalom





Dear amj,

Just a few thoughts on the subject–

1) The Lord never restricts man’s free agency.

2) Only one sinless man has ever lived on the earth.

3) Those living on the earth when the Savior comes, who are not destroyed because of their wickedness, will continue to live in mortality until they are old, and then will be changed to immortality in the twinkling of an eye.

Now for a few thoughts from the Brethren–

“When Jesus comes to rule and reign King of Nations as he now does King of Saints, the veil of the covering will be taken from all nations, that all flesh may see his glory together, but that will not make them all Saints. Seeing the Lord does not make a man a Saint, seeing an Angel does not make a man a Saint by any means. A man may see the finger of the Lord, and not thereby become a Saint; the vail of the covering may be taken from before the nations, and all flesh see His glory together, and at the same time declare they will not serve Him.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol.2, p.316, Brigham Young, July 8, 1855).

“When the nations shall see the glory of God together . . . What will they do? They will hear of the wisdom of Zion, and the kings and potentates of the nations will come up to Zion to inquire after the ways of the Lord, and to seek out the great knowledge, wisdom, and understanding manifested through the Saints of the Host High. They will inform the people of God that they belong to such and such a Church, and do not wish to change their religion.


“They will be drawn to Zion by the great wisdom displayed there, and will attribute it to the cunning and craftiness of men. It will be asked, “What do you want to do, ye strangers from afar.” “We want to live our own religion.” “Will you bow the knee before God with us?” O yes, we would as soon do it as not;” and at that time every knee shall bow, and every tongue acknowledge that God who is the framer and maker of all things, the governor and controller of the universe. They will have to bow the knee and confess that He is God, and that Jesus Christ, who suffered for the sins of the world, is actually its Redeemer; that by the shedding of his blood he has redeemed men, women, children, beasts, birds, fish, the earth itself, and everything that John saw and heard praising in heaven.


“They will ask, “If I bow the knee and confess that he is that Saviour, the Christ, to the glory of the Father, will you let me go home and be a Presbyterian?” “Yes.” “And not persecute me?” “Never.” “Won’t you let me go home and belong to the Greek Church?” “Yes.” “Will you allow me to be a Friend Quaker, or a Shaking Quaker?” “O yes, anything you wish to be, but remember that you must not persecute your neighbors, but must mind your own business, and let your neighbors alone, and let them worship the sun, moon, a white dog, or anything else they please, being mindful that every knee has got to bow and every tongue confess. When you have paid this tribute to the Most High, who created you and preserves you, you may then go and worship what you please, or do what you please, if you do not infringe upon your neighbors”” (Journal of Discourses, Vol.2, p.316-17).

And now a thought from the scriptures-

And again, verily, verily, I say unto you that when the thousand years are ended, and men again begin to deny their God, then will I spare the earth but for a little season (D&C 29:22).








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