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Dear Gramps,

There were two nonmembers in my seminary class and today one of them asked a question and I thought I knew the answer, but I am not sure so I am going to ask you. Can someone speak to or reach God without prayer and without the gospel?





Dear Stevie,

Well, let’s see. Telephoning won’t work because, if He has a phone, nobody has the phone number. How about email? Same problem–no one knows his email address. Perhaps a letter would do–like we write to Santa Claus. But how would the letter be sent? We could leave it near the fireplace with a glass of milk and some cookies, hoping He would come down the chimney to get the letter–not very likely. Well, maybe we could just talk to Him, as if He were in the room with us. There’s only one problem with that approach. That’s what prayer is. So I guess we can’t reach God without prayer.

How about trying to reach Him without the gospel? A young boy named Joseph Smith tried that and it worked. It worked so well that God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ came down from heaven and stood in front of him and gave to him the gospel. So if someone tries to talk to God through prayer without the gospel He will surely hear them, and if they have enough faith He will lead them to the gospel.





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