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Dear Gramps,

I had a best friend who was Mormon. He was also my first love, and I honestly knew in my heart I was going to marry him since we were little. I have always loved him, and still do. He, unfortunately, died in a car accident in January. He was only 17 and a very devout Mormon; he was going to go on a mission for the two years and went to bible study every morning before school. Before he died, he told me he loved me and I told him. I also told him I would convert to Mormonism. (I’m not Mormon, or any religion.) I’ve been looking at research and I know Mormons only get married before death and are suppose to before they died so they can be one in heaven still and get to the highest degree, and can only marry if they want to have eternal marriage in heaven in the temple. But his sister told me that if I didn’t marry, and converted, that I could marry him since he was never married, and it says it in the Book of Mormon. I was wondering if this was true and what happens and how? I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be with him in heaven, and I was wondering about this. Please email me back if you get a chance.





Dear Miranda,

We feel very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. You seem to understand much of the continuation of life beyond the grave. Yet, there are many things that we do not yet know about the future. But there are some things that we do know. Among these are the following:

At the change called death, as spirits, we enter the spirit world, there to await the resurrection, which is the reunion of our spirits with our bodies. The resurrected being is immortal, meaning the he will never again die; i.e. his body and spirit will never again be separated, and he will live forever. After the resurrection, all those born on this earth will continue to live on this earth, in the presence of the Savior of mankind. We will still retain our free agency–the right and responsibility of choice. The ordinance of marriage, as with all the other ordinances that we practice in the Church, is designed to be conducted by mortals. Those who leave mortality without being married, may, during the millennium, have the ordinance performed vicariously in their behalf by mortals who will be living during the millennium and who would act as their proxies. However, there is only one type of such marriages that may be performed. Those are marriages performed by the power of the holy priesthood, and they are eternal marriages in which the couples are sealed together for time and for all eternity. Such marriages are only performed for those who accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, who repent of all their sins and who are baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ for the remission of those sins, and then continue faithful and true to their covenants from that time forth.

What you may want to do would be to study the doctrine of the Mormon Church, have the missionaries help you to understand its principles and then, if you feel so inclined, be baptized and become a member of the Mormon Church. Leave open the option to wait until you can join your boyfriend to be married to him in the eternities, but consider all the other options that will open to you throughout your life. If you join the Mormon Church and remain true and faithful to your covenants therein, you will receive the inspiration and direction of the Lord to guide you through this life and reveal to you His will concerning you. Then you will know exactly what you should with your life, including what your relationship with your deceased boyfriend should continue to be.






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