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Thank you for replying to my question the last time I emailed you. May I asked a question regarding “cremation and dedication of the grave”, actually a question given by one brother during a class which there was no clear answer.

His question is with regard to cremated body placed inside a (jar, vase) container. Here in the Philippines, there are those families that keep the vase/jar containing the ashes of their love ones just in their homes. Can the container(vase) be dedicated similar to the ordinance of dedicating the grave or there are “special way” since the said container is just kept in their own home?

Thanks and hoping for your reply.




When determining the proper way to answer your question the current Church Handbook 2 specifies an option for dedicating “the place” where the individual’s ashes are kept, not the container.

When the presiding officer is contemplating the possibility to dedicate “the place” not the container, he should keep in mind local customs, local laws, and the desires of the deceased family members.

From the information within the Church Handbook, it appears the container is not dedicated, but the place where the ashes are held. Example, if the container is kept within the home of the deceased family members then this home may be dedicated, not the container. In other words, the burial plot is dedicated — not the coffin.


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