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I have family and friends who are really into ‘prepping.’  Some just a little, some a lot.  But when I start doing something that they suggest, or reading literature, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.  I try to follow the Brethren. I have my year’s supply. I have about 2 weeks of ‘regular’ food. I have 200 gallons of water. I do NOT have enough cash on hand — anyway, your thoughts are appreciated.





Dear Anonymous,

You are wise to follow the Brethren and the Spirit.  It is possible that you and your friends have different missions to fulfill.  Perhaps the Spirit is leading them to do the things they do, while the Spirit is leading you on the path you are on.  In your case, it sounds like the Spirit is leading you to follow the Brethren, so be at peace with that.  If you have concerns about not having enough cash on hand, take this issue to the Lord.  He can help you with a plan to resolve that.

Though your friends’ plans may seem extreme to you, I would say leave that to them and the Lord.  Perhaps they are being extreme.  However, it is possible that they are being led to do what they do just as you are.  Remember when Nephi killed Laban?  What if his Sunday School teacher had come along at just that moment?

“No, Nephi, the scriptures teach us not to kill!”

That is true.  But Nephi had a unique situation.  He was following the Spirit.  It would be wrong for the Sunday School teacher to interfere with Nephi following his prompting.  I can’t say for sure that your friends are following a prompting, but I also can’t say for certain that they are not.  If you are worried, pray for them.  It is likewise wrong for them to pressure you to go beyond what you feel guided to do by the Spirit and our Leaders.  So be confident in your choice.





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