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I have been thinking a lot about patriarchal blessings lately, and I was wondering if your blessing ever hints to WHO you will marry. I’m in high school and believe me I’ve had lots of crushes on different boys, but lately I’ve been spending time with a new person and he has a beautiful pure heart and honors his priesthood and I feel like he is someone special. He fulfills every requirement on my eternal companion list. I even feel the spirit when I think about him. Is this possible? Thanks





Dear Kate,

It’s always dangerous to try to predict what will or won’t be in any particular patriarchal blessing.  These blessings are revelation given specifically to you through your patriarch; and they will contain whatever counsel the Lord thinks you need to have (and sometimes what He wants us to know, doesn’t always coincide with what we want to know!).

That said, it’s probably worth noting as a general principle that patriarchal blessings do not exist primarily to forecast specific life events.  Rather, my experience is that they tend to teach various principles that should be applied throughout one’s life; perhaps with particular attention on one or two relatively specific pieces of advice for specific stages of life.

So if you are looking at getting a patriarchal blessing as a means of identifying Mr. Right–or scouring through a blessing already received, combing for clues as to his identity–I would gently suggest that you change your approach.  Do right, love God, seek revelation, enjoy life as it comes, and trust that when the Lord wants you to get a revelation on that subject–you’ll get it.




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