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My teenage daughter insists that she wants to wear short dresses (above knee). She said there is no standard for this. My question is: What is the proper length of the dress of the girls, women and ladies who are LDS?






This is a very common situation with teens, both male and female. The process of growing up all but demands a testing of boundaries, and this is a very common front indeed. The truth of the matter is that there is indeed no mandatory dress code for non-endowed members. However, there are guidelines that encourage modesty in dress as a manner of preparation for, and in anticipation of, receiving one’s endowments.

If you get a copy of the “For The Strength Of The Youth” pamphlet from your bishop, you’ll see this explained according to the official church position. The pamphlet also goes on to explain that modesty means more than dimensions of proper attire. It means a mental attitude of humility and modest behavior. In other words, tight or form-fitting clothing is not acceptable no matter how much skin it covers. This could also include t-shirts with inappropriate material or images printed on them, and so on.

We are encouraged to be in the world, but not of it. Any extremes in dress or appearance are not appropriate.

When one is endowed the garments are not to be altered to reduce their dimensions. For both men and women this means at least short-sleeve shirts with modest necklines, and shorts that reach to the knee or lower.

As an option of negotiation from an experienced parent, you could always allow your daughter to wear the short skirts she desires to wear so long as she remains within her bedroom.







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