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My friend had an aunt that passed away and wants to submit temple work for her.  She got in contact with the aunt’s son for permission. (He is Christian but a nonmember). She told him that she would like to submit temple work for her aunt and said that it will give her blessings beyond the grave. He wanted to know what exactly she would be doing. She’s not sure what exactly to say to him because she fears that he will not give her permission. What should I tell her?





This is really much simpler than you’re making it out to be.  Your friend just needs to tell him of our doctrine on work for the dead.  Mention that we perform ordinances by proxy for those who have passed on.  These ordinances include things like baptism and confirmation.

Baptism and confirmation are common enough that other denominations will be familiar with it.  Additional ordinances like initiatories, endowments, and sealings are less familiar.  As such, they tend to confuse the main point of getting permission for proxy work.  But if he asks, she shouldn’t be shy.  It would be a wonderful time to talk about forever families.

So, encourage your friend to stay focused on the idea of getting permission to do “ordinances by proxy.”  He should be able to understand that.

Finally, if he does not give permission, your friend need not despair.  The work will eventually get done.  We’re only asked to do as much as we currently can.  And in your case of your friend, if he does not give permission, she’s done all you can do.  We just need to have faith, and continue following the Lord in faith.





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