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All exmormons usually will describe a peace, a freedom, feeling less under “mind control of Mormonism” when leaving the church. I can honestly say that I have felt these feelings too (when reading the stories). Are we being fooled by Satan or what? The only explanations I can think of are: the full loss of The holy Ghost, thus a persons psychology/thinking changes (almost instantly). He becomes separated from God. Some even claim a closer relationship, while most say athiesm, agnosticism -not believing at all is the way to go. I have heard the saying “like a feather in the wind…tossed to and fro with every doctrine and (well I can’t think of the rest, but it’s scripture and there’s a full quote from Brigham Young about people who leave the LDS Church). What are your thoughts on this so called exodus from the faith and my thinking above?. Lehi’s dream is directly linking to what is happening now.







When I ponder the choice of individuals who have left the Church the obvious answer — they have experienced a loss of the Spirit of our Lord. Lehi’s dream is definitely linked to this type of experience even now, Laman & Lemuel are symbolic of any church member leaving and finding the great and spacious building.

When I further ponder Lehi’s dream, the people in the building were actually having a grand ole time. They were drinking, wearing costly apparel, we could even say they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

These individuals begin to take pleasure in sin. How much easier it is to drink, eat, and be merry than to cling to the iron rod? However, as we are informed in scripture, their pleasure, their enjoyment will be but for a moment and then the building comes crashing down.

Think upon the prodigal son, when he received his father’s inheritance and then went out and partied. I am assuming this prodigal son had tons of fun. He was no longer under house rules which kept him from enjoying life. However, once the fun wore off, in other words, when the person actually was put into a scenario of true self reflection — who did he desire to return to — even if it would be to become a servant?

When I consider the mental state of peace and joy the gospel refers to and the freedom and peace they experience, the two are not synonymous. There is a difference between the pleasure the world provides and the joy the gospel provides.






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