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Hi gramps,

In young women’s we received this hand out and it was talking about behaving like a daughter of God. It said that being brash, forward or loud were not fitting of YW. I would describe myself as a fairly energetic person and it seems that when I’m around others it seems to be heightened. Although I don’t want to, I think I come off as an attention seeker. I want  to make god proud with my actions, but I can’t find the line between happy/energetic and loud/brash. Thank you.





Hi Katana,

I’m not familiar with any Church manuals or literature that use the wording you provided. Maybe your Young Women’s leaders wrote up some supplementary items for your group.

Since I don’t have the handout they gave you, I can’t really comment on it in any depth. The general idea seems reasonable. In the sense this handout seemed to be using, to be “brash” means to be rude, overbearingly assertive, vulgar, irreverent, insolent, loudly arrogant, or ostentatious. These are not characteristics of Christ, so His disciples—that’s us!—should seek to avoid such things. It is not appropriate for a daughter (or son) of God to act in such a manner.

But this is not the same as being happy or energetic. The happy, energetic members of a group are a benefit to everyone around them. Energy levels go up and groups have more fun when the energetic members are around. I, for one, really appreciate such people, especially when I’m not feeling very happy or energetic. So if you’re the happy, energetic one, then as long as you seek to live your covenants, you are a blessing to those around you.

Are there ever times when the energetic ones need to tone down their exuberance to help make a more reverent mood? Sure. Every personality can add to a group when behaving as she should, just like every personality can detract from a group if she uses her unique gifts of personality inappropriately. It’s a matter of learning to act appropriately in different circumstances.

In any case, you are more than your exuberance, Katana. You are a precious daughter of your Heavenly Father, and are developing his characteristics within your own personality. Being happy and energetic is a part of developing those Godly characteristics. Don’t ever extinguish that part of your personality! But by the same token, when it’s time to calm down, you can learn quiet reverence and introspection. For those, too, are Godly characteristics that you need to develop.






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