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Do I have to be with my parents in the eternities?

Question   Gramps, I left the church a few years ago. I'm uncertain what is true, but just in case this is I don't want to end up with my parents in the next life. They both have remarried and been sealed to their partners, but my mom has just told me she doesn't want...

Will I be asked to leave my calling?

Question   Gramps, I am the president of the Deacons Quorum.   I recently had a slip up and watched some immodest pictures of women.  None of them were naked but I feel terrible.   I'm going to talk to my bishop.   Do you think i will be asked to leave my calling?...

Is divorce the right thing to do over money?

Question   Gramps, My husband and I have been married for 18 years, we were sealed 3 and 1/2 years ago. My husband has an addiction problem, it’s like he’s addicted to having an addiction. For 18 years we have barely scraped by, robbing peter to pay Paul, I have asked...

Will we be of different races in the hereafter?

Question   Gramps, When we are resurrected and after the winding down of the judgment will there still be different races and nationalities or will everyone be one race? What is the purpose of different races since we all are the children of Heavenly Father? If we...

Aside from gambling, are other card games okay to play?

Question   Gramps, In Mormon doctrine by Bruce R McConkie he says that cards shouldn't even be allowed in the home. Now I understand the situation of the time but is this still what the brethren want? Are we not worthy to participate in ordinances if we play cards?...

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