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I always was told that to commit the sin of denying the Holy Ghost, you would literally have to see God or Jesus in front of you, know they exist, and still deny them. But is that true? Or is it much easier for someone today to commit that sin just by, let’s say, leaving the church? I got upset with God the other day when I was feeling frustrated, but asked for forgiveness shortly after. Reading about the unforgivable sin of denying the Holy Ghost has made me really scared. Have I been forgiven?






On the subject of whether the sin of blasphemy or denying the Holy Ghost is an unforgivable sin here is a pro tip for you.  If you desire forgiveness you have not committed it.  It is as simple as that.

You might have flirted around the edges temporarily, but the sin of blasphemy or denying the Holy Ghost is a permanent state.  It’s not something we can accidentally fall into. If you desire to repent, if you desire to be forgiven, it is because the Holy Ghost is still there working with you and you are responding.  That is not blasphemy nor is it denial.  Do note that it is Satan trying to tell you that you can never be forgiven now.  Do not listen to him.

Throughout the scriptures the Lord is clear He will accept anyone and everyone that comes unto Him.  No matter how long it takes us nor how bruised, battered, and sin covered we are when we get there.  The scriptures are also full of the Lord working on the hardhearted, the prideful, and other sinful behaviors we engage in.  While this sinful state could be seen as a form of denial it is better understood as a prelude state to that sin.  The Lord has many methods and means to help bring us around.  It is only if we stubbornly refuse all the efforts of the Lord, and become the kind of person that will never, ever accept Christ, only then can we commit this sin.  By so doing we will have exercised our agency with full knowledge and acceptance of the cost.

So Sage as long as you desire to repent and be forgiven you will be.   No matter how long it takes.






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