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Dear Gramps,

My wife and I were married by our bishop five years ago when I was not very faithful in the church. I have since repented and become devoted with all my heart. Unfortunately, my wife and I do not get along very well—we’re very unequally yoked, with much contention and fault finding on her part. She’d never admit it, though. Nothing serious enough to get a divorce over, but my question for you is whether we should even bother going to the temple to be sealed? I know the Holy Spirit of Promise will never ratify such a sealing—(at 50 years of age, I know my wife will never change)—and so should we even bother?




My heart rejoices that you have repented and are now devoted with all your heart to the Lord and his Kingdom.

I believe you have misunderstood the purpose behind the Holy Spirit of Promise. The Holy Spirit of Promise is God’s confirmation that an ordinance was performed in righteousness and that the receivers were themselves worthy to receive the ordinance.

There is no reason for the Holy Spirit of promise not to confirm of sealing if both partners entered the temple worthily. All marriages have varying degrees of contention within their relationship, but are still worthy to enter the temple. The point being, we are all progressing toward perfection, and in every relationship there will be times we are not perfect. When this happens, we move forward, repent, and remember the Lord is true and faithful to his promises.

Have you discussed with your wife the opportunity to be sealed together? How does she feel about the decision? The most important aspect when deciding to be sealed is that you both agree, and that you both are willing to live up to the covenant made in the Temple.



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