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Dear Gramps,

I know we should wear white shirts in the temple, when passing sacrament or when giving a blessing.  Is there anywhere that the church leaders have stated that hometeachers should wear white shirts and ties when they hometeach?


Dear Danny,

As Priesthood holders we are representatives of the Lord and have been given the responsibility and authority to teach and watch over the Church and its members.  It states in Doctrine and Covenants 20:   “53 The teacher’s duty is to watch over the church always, and be with and strengthen them.”   As a representative of the Lord as well as the Bishop to the families we have been assigned, we should dress properly when visiting them.  Normally this would mean wearing a white shirt and tie, the same as when passing the sacrament, giving a priesthood blessing and officiating in any priesthood calling.

We have been encouraged to visit our families frequently and assist them whenever possible.  Sometimes it might be impractical for us to be wearing a white shirt and tie, such as when we giving physical assistance.  Too often we confine ourselves to visiting our families once a month and giving them a lesson.  We need to keep in mind that we have been given the charge to watch over and help our families in anyway we can.

Home teaching is a divine calling. President David O. McKay counseled: “Home teaching is one of our most urgent and most rewarding opportunities to nurture and inspire, to counsel and direct our Father’s children. … [It] is a divine service, a divine call. It is our duty as Home Teachers to carry the divine spirit into every home and heart.” It would be difficult to carry the “divine spirit” into a home if we do not dress as the Lord’s representative.


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