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My wife and I were not sealed in the temple until some time after our civil marriage.  My life has revolved around her and our daughter.  They mean everything to me.  My daughter is currently inactive.  Will there be any hope that she can be sealed to us?  What about our grandchildren? Any answer would be appreciated.






There is always hope.  At any time during your daughter’s life she could have a change of heart and return.  If not, then it could be done after she passes by faithful family members.

This makes the possibility of your daughter’s (and your grandchildren) ordinance work being done at nearly one hundred percent.  But I don’t think that is really what you meant.  I think you are really and rightfully worried about your daughter needing to have a change of heart to want and accept the ordinance work.

For that we can read the parables like the Prodigal Son, and the stories of Alma the Younger, and the Apostle Paul.  Those are just a few of the places where the scriptures talk about how the Lord can and will reach out His hand to those who have gone astray to reclaim them.

We also have modern prophets who have talked on this issue.  I like this recent talk of Elder David A. Bednar.

Once we understand how much the Lord loves everyone, then we can exercise faith in the Good Shepherd–  faith that He knows His sheep and will do that which will give them every chance to return to Him.

So when it comes to your daughter and grandchildren the tools you have (and really only ever had) are faith, prayer and love.





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