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Dear Gramps,

I go to a catholic school and i try to endure their “sacrament meetings” since they are compulsory for attendance. (But you don’t have to partake of their emblems). Anyway, they claim to be the only true church (like we do but we are modest about it) and I just can’t find a way to prove them wrong by using the Bible. They love quoting the scripture said by Jesus to Peter “on this rock shall I build my church” making him their first pope, so they say. I want to bring the church out of obscurity and show them that the Mormon Church is the way to go and truly the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sphelele, from Durban, South Africa

Dear Sphelele,

Don’t try to teach them yourself. If they have not the Spirit, everything will fall on deaf ears. Invite them to listen to the missionary discussions. Those that do will most likely have been inspired by the Holy Ghost to do so, and may well continue until they receive their own testimonies. Those who resist the Holy Spirit will naturally resist your words as well. So the best thing to do is to show others by your example of righteous living the beneficial effects of living the gospel. Through your example, they may desire to know more.


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