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Dear Gramps,

I used to be a active member of the Mormon Church. We left the church years ago and are active in a non-denominational church. I feel a leading back to the church, except that I just don’t understand doctrine. I also never felt connected to the people in my ward. Years ago a man called asking if we would like home teachers to come visit, when I told him to call back when my husband was home, he said if we were not interested not to waste his time and he would remove our names from the ‘book’. What does that mean? I know how I am worshiping isn’t exactly where I should be, but I don’t feel I would be welcomed back..





Dear Debbie,

As I’m sure that you feel, the Mormon Church, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, IS INDEED the Lord’s Church. He loves you, and He will certainly welcome you back! Sometimes we look for perfection in others who belong to His Church, but there has been only one perfect man–the Lord, Himself. So if someone in the Church treats us unkindly, perhaps we could look at our own faults and not be too harsh in our judgment.

Let me recommend what I believe would be a very appropriate way to become involved again in the Mormon Church. You say that you don’t understand doctrine. Although you may be a member of the Mormon Church, the missionaries would be delighted to come to your place and review with you the fundamental principles of the gospel, and invite you to come with them to church. They would introduce you to the members there, and you could shortly become socially integrated into the Ward. And I’m sure that you would feel at home and at peace in the Lords’ own Church.






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