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I’m considering conversion, and I am curious as to the process that I would have to follow. What I am asking for is a description of the process and an explanation of anything that needs explanation. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous, from Michigan

PS: I’m currently Roman Catholic if that is needed.

Dear Anonymous,

If you were to decide to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you would be one of about 300,000 people a year that are doing so. The procedure is quite simple. You could contact the Church in your area and ask the missionaries to give you the missionary discussions. You could contact the Church by visiting any one of the local units (They are called Wards, and are the equivalent of the Catholic Parish), or you could call the missionaries on the phone. The number could be found in the directory listing for the LDS Church, under Mission, if there is a local mission in your area; or if not, any LDS unit phone number would do.

The missionaries would be happy to come to your home and present six formal discussions that are designed to acquaint you with the doctrine and procedures of the Church. They will no doubt introduce you to the Book of Mormon, which is a companion scripture to the Bible, and they will invite you to ask God, our Heavenly Father, for guidance in the decision that you would make as to whether or not to join the Church. Usually, before the end of the six discussions, those who are sincerely interested in seeking the truth receive a feeling from the Lord that indeed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s kingdom on the earth, and request entrance into the Church by baptism.

Baptism into the Church is performed by a person authorized by the holy priesthood to do so. The missionaries are so authorized, as are most of the adults and young men over age sixteen. (Like the Catholics, priesthood in the LDS Church is restricted to male members). Baptism is performed by immersion; that is, the candidate is submersed under the water. There are baptismal fonts in many of the LDS Chapels, and appropriate white clothing is provided for the baptismal candidates.

Following baptism you would be confirmed a member of the Church by the laying on of hands, again administered by the holy priesthood. You would then be a full-fledged member of the Church and would join in the fellowship of the Saints, as the Church members are called.


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