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In preparation for my upcoming baptism, my Elders reviewed the baptismal questions with me. When we got to question 4 (about prison, abortion, and homosexuality) they expressed that I could answer the question to them but if the question was yes I would have to meet with additional people who would determine whether or not I could be baptized. At the time I laughed because I hadn’t done any of those things. Then I remembered as a child that I had been abused by members of my gender. Do I need to disclose this during my baptismal interview and will it disqualify me from baptism?






The baptismal questions are about you, about your status before God and about your actions. Not about what was done unto you by others.

I think at the time of the interview you understood this and answered truthfully, and it is only after further thought you began to doubt. So let me set your mind at ease if I can.

Had you answered yes the missionary would have stopped and set up another appointment with someone with more experience handling such delicate and sensitive issues. In that interview, the new leader would have asked you to clarify what happened. Once you told him that it was from abuse that you suffered as a child he would have told you that while it was tragic and wrong for you to be abused it does not affect your ability or worthiness to be baptized.

So move forward knowing that you are doing the right thing.





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