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Hello Gramps,

I have 3 major medical issues that cause me serve pain and have a mental health disorder. One is a gene mutation and the others I could not have prevented. I am in my mid 30’s and have been deemed disabled. I take many RX meds and I have always requested not to be put on opiate pain meds, I eat as healthy as I can.  I am always working with my physical therapist to get in modified exercise. If I used medical Cannabis instead, would I be sinning?





Dear Angela,

This is a complex question, and I can’t simply offer a yes or no answer.  As you know, this is a relatively new issue and we don’t have direction from our leaders.  We know, of course, that we should not take any addiction forming substances.  Marijuana is potentially habit forming.  And yet, so are some of the pain relievers that your doctor might prescribe, thus they are carefully controlled.

Further we don’t always know all the reasons the Lord prohibits something.  For example, coffee–we tend to think that the caffeine is the reason, but the leaders have recently clarified that caffeine is not the issue.  Mormonism in the News: Getting it Right

Matters of health (physical and mental) can be very complicated, and very personal.  I would advise you to counsel with your Bishop.

I wish you the best.





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