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Dear Gramps,

Is it known when a spirit enters a new life? At the moment of conception? Sometime during the pregnancy? Or the moment of birth? Thank you, would love to know your thoughts.





Dear Daniel,

There is no scriptural evidence for when the spirit enters the body. From the general authorities of the Mormon Church, we learn only that it is “sometime before birth.” Here are the words of President N. Eldon Tanner, of the First Presidency of the Mormon Church, on the matter—

“How can we deny or even disbelieve God when we cannot understand even the simplest things around us-how the leaf functions, what electricity is, what our emotions are, when the spirit enters the body, and what happens to it when it leaves? How can we say that because we do not understand the resurrection, there is not or cannot be a resurrection?” (President N. Eldon Tanner, Conference Report, October 1968).

I do not know when the spirit enters the body. To me, it doesn’t matter. All human life, no matter what stage of formation or intelligence, is sacred. Whether it’s at conception or any time thereafter, it is sacred.

Those advocating a view of “science only”, may be looking at this world in the absence of a Grand Architect. In that point of view, conception is just a few cells. Nothing is held sacred when you belittle it and esteem it to be without worth.





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