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Dear Gramps,

I’m a girl and don’t like to wear dresses much. I’d like to know where in the scriptures or church books it states that girls must wear dresses when attending the Mormon Church. Would Jesus turn me away if I were to wear a nice pant outfit? Thank you,





Dear Sandy,

Appropriate Sunday dress for church probably depends more on the local norms than on any fixed rules of attire. Perhaps the thing that should rule in all societies is the thought that we are entering a very sacred place for a very sacred purpose, and we would not want our dress to give evidence of a lack of modesty or a lack of respect for Deity. It would be appropriate to dress ourselves in worshipful attire. Of course, ostentation should be avoided. We should not try to draw attention to ourselves by either over dressing or by dressing in an inappropriate casual manner. There are many members of the Mormon Church with very limited financial means. In some areas even white dress shirts are not generally available. Where means are limited it is only important that members dress their best, and come with clean clothes, clean hands and clean hearts to worship the Lord.






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