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Dear Gramps,

First of all, I would like to say, I like the website. It has a great layout.

OK, now to my question. I am a NHB style fighter. That is like the UFC fights on TV. It is a bit of a brutal sport, but it is done with respect and honor. I was wondering If this sport is contrary to the doctrine of the church, because of the brutality of it. When we fight, we do not, usually, do it because we hate each other. We do it because we enjoy the sport. And if it is contrary to church doctrine, then what about boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and the traditional arts? Thank you for your time,





Dear Josh,

As I am sure that you are aware, Gramps cannot speak in any official way for the Mormon Church. However, he can express his own opinions and feelings. So, in that context let me convey my impressions as an answer to your question. NHB (no holds barred) style fighting and UFC (ultimate fighting championship) are extensions of the martial arts, originating, I would imagine, in Japan. If they are practiced as a sport I can see no reason why there would be any proscription against them in Mormon Church doctrine.

However, if they, or any other form of violence, were to be used with mal-intent, I’m sure that their use would be against the spirit fo the gospel. We know that the Savior was openly opposed to violence, as he taught the doctrine of turning the other cheek. However, for a righteous cause, and when deemed right in his perfect mind, he commanded the righteous on several occasions to destroy the wicked.

I am of the opinion that we should never use force in anger, and we should only display force against another with intent to harm when commanded to do so by the Savior.






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