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Dear Gramps,

My husband wants to play poker at a business partner’s house. He says they play for money, but it is never too much. It is still gambling no matter how much money they play with. What do you think?





Dear Monica,

Is it still breaking the Word of Wisdom if you only smoke a few cigarettes? Is it still being unfaithful if you only cheat on your wife a little bit? Your husband is a gambler! The degree to which he gambles doesn’t change the fact of the issue. And if he gambles at his business partner’s house today he will gamble at a casino tomorrow. Count on it! And when he starts gambling in the casinos it will not be for just a small amount of money. And when he doesn’t have enough money left over to maintain the family he will either find some illegal way to get it, or the family will break up. That is the heartbreak road that he is now traveling. And the longer he is on that road the more difficult it will be to get off from it. If he has any modicum of wisdom or good sense, he will announce to his business partner tomorrow morning that he has given up gambling in any form for good, and then be ready to take the consequences.






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