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Is Maca acceptable?





Dear Brent,

I assume your question is in regards to “maca root”, also called “Peruvian ginseng”. It’s a supplement that is growing in popularity, and it’s users claim that it can help with all sorts of ailments. First off, a practical word of caution-when someone claims that one particular substance can cure/treat a diverse and widespread group of ailments, use extreme care and skepticism. My father often told me that “if something sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true.” Wise words.

Next, in regards to if you are using a substance appropriately or not, I ask you what your intentions are in using said product. Are you using it to treat a medically diagnosed disease that a qualified physician has said you have? There is a world of difference between taking medication to treat an anxiety disorder, and just taking pills to get high. Obviously, one action is gravely sinful and the other action is completely appropriate.

The Word of Wisdom is a hotly debated topic. We often get questions regarding it’s content and if this or that substance is “against” what the Word of Wisdom teaches. My concern is that people get so caught up in arguing if this or that substance is against the Word of Wisdom that we miss the “big picture”. In all of our actions, we should be doing things that please our Heavenly Father and that are healthy and beneficial to our long term growth spiritually, intellectually, and physically. Before we start drinking energy drinks or ingest the latest “natural health fad” we should be keeping that in mind rather than asking specific questions about whether consuming this or that particular substance is against church teachings.







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