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What is meant by secret combinations?






This is a great question! There is a very in-depth response to this question that can be found in the Book of Mormon Student Manual on (Chapter 36: Helaman 6:18-40). However, the short answer is that the term “secret combinations” refers to groups or individuals who, through sinful or evil practices, seek personal gain or power. As the term suggests, secrecy, or seeking to cover or hide sin, is one of the main operating principles of secret combinations. Secret combinations have existed in mortality since the time Cain entered into a covenant with Satan to slay Abel for personal gain (Genesis 4Moses 5), and the only way to combat secret combinations is through conversion and righteous living.

An example of how secret combinations emerge (and how righteous living can eliminate secret combinations) can be found in the account of the Nephites prior to Christ’s death, resurrection, and appearance in the Americas. When the Nephites turn to wickedness, it opens the door for secret combinations to emerge in their society (3 Nephi 2:3, 11). As the Gadianton Robbers grow in number, the Nephites and Lamanites realize the extent of the spiritual and physical destruction and combine to fight against this secret combination (3 Nephi 2: 11-12). Those who gather to fight against the Gadianton Robbers turn to the Lord for strength (3 Nephi 3:12-15). Although it took great effort, the righteous give thanks to the Lord for his help in defeating the Gadianton Robbers (3 Nephi 4:30-33).

Regardless of whether the group is large or small, this pattern follows the rise and fall of secret combinations throughout history. I hope this helps answer your question.






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