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Dear Gramps,

If one has a miscarriage, does that spirit stay in heaven to wait to be reunited with it’s parents and family later or does that spirit have the opportunity to come down and gain a physical body again with another pregnancy? Basically, what I am asking is if I had a miscarriage between child 2 and 3, is my child #3 actually the spirit of the miscarriage or do I have another spirit #4 waiting?

Thank You for your reply!





Dear Beverly,

Those are interesting questions that tug at the hearts of many mothers, for which I’m afraid there is no direct reply. Just when the spirit enters the body has not been revealed. So let’s consider the two cases- One, the spirit has taken possession of the body, and the child dies before it is born. If the spirit has entered the developing body, then it will claim that body in the resurrection and continue to live in mortality. Two, if no spirit has yet entered the body, giving it independent life, then that fetus derives its life from the spirit of the mother, and if it dies at that stage, then we would expect that it would not be resurrected as an independent being.

Your question is, has a spirit been assigned to that couple, and would it be born to that couple at a later time? Well, not if it were that couple’s last pregnancy. In addition, that’s another imponderable question. The Brethren have suggested that there may be instances where certain spirits may have been promised mortality through given parentage, but there is no scriptural reference to support that concept. So that’s one of the many areas that we will learn more about when it’s our turn to make the transition into the next compartment.






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