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My husband has recently made the decision to leave the church. After his extensive research (that I didn’t know about) he decided none of it was true. I’m suddenly very anxious and confused and I know it’s caused a rift in our relationship. How can I be more patient and open with him again?





Hello Hailey,

I am truly sorry to hear of the circumstance you currently find yourself in.  Without fail, this can either be an extremely trying OR faith promoting time for you.When presented with obstacles in life, especially those of the spiritual nature, most individuals plot a course down one of two paths: draw closer to the Lord and hold even tighter to the iron rod OR lose hope, give up and let go of the iron rod. I hope and pray, even when faced with this situation in life you will draw nearer to the Lord.

Your husband has made a choice, one that you are not obligated to follow. We each choose how, when and where to focus our efforts. Your husband has done “extensive research”, but apparently down paths that destroy faith rather than promote it. Extensive faith promoting research is easily available to those who desire it.

Even though your husband is heading down this path, course correction is not impossible. The atonement can heal hearts, even those poisoned with doubt and disbelief. Do your part to seek specific guidance from the Lord for your specific circumstance and rest assured that ‘peace’ can be yours even when things outside of your control appear to be spiraling downward.

While I can not hope to touch upon everything in a single post, I will offer up a book which is designed to bring relief to individuals like yourself and your husband. The book I recommend you read is produced by Desert Book, in conjunction with the Neal A. Maxwell Institute, called “Planted” by Patrick Mason. It states:

“We live in an age of doubt, but we need not be overcome. When we are planted in the Savior, we can be nourished as much by our questions as by the answers.”

Hailey, once again I feel for your situation and recognize how hard of a time this must be for you. Hold to the rod and I commend you for seeking out sources that uplift, inspire and promote our testimonies in the Savior. Be strong. I leave you with this reminder:

When life seems to fall apart and hope seems to disappear, let your soul be still and remember that God never leaves you.



Warm regards,





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